The Year I Became a Man: 2020

#1. It’s Okay to Not Give a F**k

#2. Reflection is Vital to Happiness and Success

#3. Challenges Build Character

#4. Nothing is Guaranteed

#5. Facing Your Fears is Really Important

#6. What Others Think < What You Think

#7. Distance is Hard but Healthy

#8. The World Isn’t That Big, or Scary

#9. We Are All Human

#10. Hang on Loosely but Don’t Let Go

#11. There is no ‘One Way’ to Live Your Life

#12. Learn to Adapt

#13. Keep an Open Mind with a Foot Grounded in Tradition

#14. NYC Pizza is THE BEST

#15. Saying no is a Must

#16. Binging Netflix Won’t Bring Happiness

#17. You Can Do This

Favorite Moments

A young Catholic Entrepreneur, and Businessman aspiring to create value for others, especially other Catholic businesspeople.

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